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Among the many adventurers of whom I appreciate the spirit in dealing with businesses there is Sean Conway, one of my age who already has a decent collection. One of his advice, which I reserve to follow with expertise, is to publicize their programs as soon as possible. Certainly there will be a series of people who will say of all the colors in this regard, allologists and hoodwinds will express themselves negatively and say the worst things to discredit or dissuade but there are good reasons to make public their intentions. In the first place, once the shot is made, the degree of determination will be much higher and we will feel obliged to carry out what we have promised. Making your intentions public will make it even more exciting as there are countless negative comments and there will also be a group of people who will support you and try to be available to help you with your project. So there’s no time to waste and it’s also time for me to announce what my next long-term project will be: the long ride. The adventure of this summer at the North Cape – Tarifa will be the general rehearsal for what will be around the world by bike and you just have to decide whether to start in single speed or make it really big and risk it directly in fixed gear. How we organize a project of this size we will discover it together, I would begin by analyzing the previous ones, just recently a new record was set at 79 days by Mark Beaumont, another cyclist and adventurer who lined up a respectable series of remarkable companies . Mark has certainly spent a lot of time and energy in planning his second round of the world, to be able to achieve it in less than 80 days has certainly taken care of every detail and every meter of the path. What are the requirements to certify a complete tour of the world: the route will have to include almost 29,000 kilometers to be carried out in the saddle and a total of 40,000 kilometers considering also the air travel. A further obligation is to cross at least two points at the antipodes such as Madrid in Spain and Wellington in New Zealand.

Moreover, since 2012 another “obstacle” has been added to the creation of a new record: while until then only the time spent in the saddle was evaluated without taking into account transfers by air from one continent to another, today the stopwatch does not stop never and every dead or delay time will be added to the movements in the saddle. The first recorded record was that of Nick Sanders in 1981 that took 138 days to travel the Northern Hemisphere (22,000 kilometers), after other various attempts and the change in the regulation is the English Mike Hall in 2012 to score the record in mode unsupported with 107 days, a few months later also the Italian by adoption Juliana Buhring in 152. The following year Mike will give life to the Transcontinental Race and Juliana will participate in the race. In 2014 they will participate together in the first edition of the TransAmerica Bicycle Race, closing it in first and fourth position. Needless to say, this pair of athletes has profoundly influenced my approach to cycling and adventure. Also in 2014, our Paola Giannotti tries to get the record in supported mode, unfortunately an accident forces her to four months of rehabilitation and the time is frozen to allow her to resume from the point of the accident, closes in 144 days but many turn up the nose. The leap forward in the men’s supported category does the Scottish Mark Beaumont, who is followed by a support team meter by meter and manages to close the lap under the triumphal arch in Paris in 78 days. The following year Jenny Graham, a Scottish girl, earns the female record in 124 days without support.


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